In January 2012 Paulding County executed a contract with FL Graphix to construct, install, and manage kiosk sign structures and advertising panels within various County right-of-way locations.

The previous practice of placing off-site directional signs in the County right-of-ways resulted in a proliferation of signs which cluttered the road right-of-ways; confused the general public; and in a few circumstances created safety concerns.  The program allows homebuilders, realtors, developers of real property, and commercial business owners a standard means for off-site directions and advertising for their business or development. 

Kiosk Sign Locations

User name:

Pass: 7704431111

Once you're logged in as FLgraphix, go to the search bar on the actual map.  You'll see 3 black lines, click it and it'll drop down.  Choose your places, once that opens click the tap that says maps.  Use the correct kiosks to find the kiosks that are currently up. Once you open it click open in my maps at the bottom of the screen. You can look at the proposed kiosks as well, those are not installed because no one has asked for them to be yet.  If you don't see a location marked that you want please send it to me and I will see about getting it approved.

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